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Domestic violence is a widespread problem in Switzerland: every week there is a murder attempt, every fortnight a person dies. The victims are mainly women, but also men and children. The number of unreported cases is huge. Less than half of all victims seek help, out of fear, shame or because they do not understand that they are in a violent relationship. Violence in partnerships takes many forms. Psychological violence in particular is difficult to grasp. Since toxic behaviour often follows a similar pattern, warning signs are often recognisable early on. This is exactly where #withyou comes in.

#withyou is launched by Tech against Violence. Tech against Violence develops digital solutions against violence.


Managing Director

  • Simone Eymann

Deputy Managing Director / Head of research

  • Miriam Steffen

Scientific collaborator Romandie

  • Morgane Bonvallat

Communication and Research

  • Alena Thöni



  • Sophie Achermann (Co-President)
  • Carmen Schoder (Co-President)
  • Julia Meier

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