Support services

Safety first

If you feel threatened or in acute danger, contact the police 117, or if it is a medical emergency, call 144.

If you need counseling and support, contact a victim advisory center. You can choose which organization you would like to be contacted by. You are not bound to your canton of residence. The counseling is free of charge, confidential and anonymous.

Women's shelters also provide telephone counselling and information, many are reachable 24/7. They offer counselling on personal, legal, health and financial matters. Here you can find a list of all women's shelters with contact details.

In Switzerland, there is not yet a national 24-hour hotline for victims of domestic violence. However, if you need advice outside office hours, you can contact:

  1. The anonymous helpline "Die Dargebotene Hand" 143
  2. The hotline for people experiencing violence "Telefon gegen Gewalt" 076 516 26 76
  3. The helpline for parents "Eltern Notruf" 0848 35 45 55