Danger assessment

Do I need to worry about my safety?

If you are in a relationship that has become physically violent, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.

In Switzerland, one person dies every two weeks from domestic violence. Every week there is one attempted homicide. In both cases, the victims are predominantly women.

Domestic violence can escalate in severity and frequency over time. In some cases, the violent relationship can end fatally.

It is not always easy to recognize the danger you may be in. This questionnaire that was developed by American expert J.C. Campell should help you determine the level of danger you face in your relationship.

Please remember that your safety has priority. The earlier you get the help you need, the sooner a serious act of violence can be prevented.

Campbell, JC. (2004). Danger Assessment (dangerassessment.org)

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Has the physical violence increased in severity or frequency over the past year?

Does your partner own a gun?

Have you left your partner after living together during the past year?

Is your partner unemployed?

Has your partner ever used a weapon against you or threatened you with a lethal weapon?

Does your partner threaten to kill you?

Has your partner avoided being arrested for domestic violence?

Do you have a child that is not not his/hers

Has your partner ever forced you to have sex when you did not wish to do so?

Does your partner ever try to choke/strangle you or cut off your breathing?

Does your partner use illegal drugs? (z.B. cocaine, heroine, meth, amphetamines)

Is your partner an alcoholic or problem drinker?

Does your partner control most or all of your daily activities? (e.g. he/she tells you who you can be friends with, when you can see your family or how you use money)

Is your partner violently and constantly jealous of you? (e.g. "If I can't have you, no one can")

Have you ever been beaten while you were pregnant?

Has your partner ever threatened or tried to commit suicide?

Does your partner threaten to harm your children?

Do you believe your partner is capable of killing you?

Does your partner follow or spy on you, leave you threatening messages, destroys your property, or call you when you don't want him/her to?

Have you ever threatened or tried to commit suicide?