Safe withyou

Safe withyou is an online safe for evidence related to domestic violence and stalking.

  • Safe withyou is a secure tool that supports you in documenting incidents of violence and stalking.
  • Your evidence is stored in an independent and secure environment that only you have access to.
  • Your data remains exclusively yours! Everything saved on the online storage is encrypted. Nobody but you can access your data. Not even us.
  • You can collect and document incidents at your own pace, whether you choose to press charges or not. Your collected evidence might also be of use at a later stage. You may also consider sending your evidence to a person of trust, so you don't have to keep it yourself.

How to get started:

  1. Open «Safe withyou» using the button below.
  2. Create your free user account.
  3. Create a folder (one folder for one perpetrator).
  4. Document incidents and upload files such as photos or screenshots.

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  • Cantonal Hospital Grisons, Dr. Marc Bollmann, Chief physician in forensic medicine
  • Yann Lam, Lawyer for victims of domestic violence (LAVI)