«I realized: I am not alone. I can break free.»

This is domestic violence

Violence is not always physical. Threats, excessive jealousy and controlling behaviour are as much part of domestic violence as any physical abuse. We show you how an unhealthy relationship looks like.

Types of domestic violence

You are not alone

Many people get stuck in unhealthy relationships. If you are worried about your partner's behavior, you do not have to bear this alone - you can get help. We show you how and where.

Get help

You are not crazy

Being in a toxic relationship takes a toll on your mental health. Feeling numb or cannot fall asleep? You experience normal symptoms to abnormal experiences. Do not let anyone manipulate you.

Your feelings are normal

You are not to blame

It is not easy to realize that you are in an abusive relationship. We show you what patterns exist and how they affect you.

Understand the signs

Are you from another country?

Domestic violence is a punishable offence in Switzerland. You have the right to protection, whether you have the Swiss citizenship or not.

Non-Swiss citizens